01 Job Summary:

Responsibility for creating and building deeper networks and relationships with potential and existing business opportunities to generate revenue, improve profitability and fast paced growth.

02 Job Duties & Responsibilities:

      Market mapping to understand the market landscape, upcoming opportunities both passive and active. Keeping an eye on competition and having market intelligence.
    • To do market trend analysis by doing market mapping, industry scanning, competitor profiling etc. & it’s documentation
    • To do structured analysis of target market & client research
    • Proactively create a pool of potential clients & managing conversations to convert them for maintaining a strong pipeline and win rate
    • Represent the organization at various industry events & other forums, and thereby creating awareness about the concept, brand & solutions
    • Partnering with external industry experts to know the best practices and share the same with the respective stakeholders
    • Having hawk eye on competition and actionable market intelligence insights.
      Responsible for generating Sales Leads and managing the pipeline
    • Doing cold calls, physical site visits, networking in relevant partnership groups to generate leads and create awareness of our business offerings and solutions
    • Responsible for generating and qualifying leads across various industry verticals
    • Having robust documentation for the leads generated and prioritizing them for targeted discussions
    • Being in regular touch with all the key stakeholders & decision makers at client site and creating the rapport with them
    • Having an annual plan for growing business with multiple clients across industries.
      Provide customized solutions to the clients and being voice of customer to internal teams for improvement of the business solutions
    • Understand Smart Joules products- Joule PAYS (Pay-as-you- save), DeJoule & JouleCool-and advising the client with suitable product or a mix of the products
    • Understand the client’s existing & upcoming utilities infrastructure basis which provide solutions
    • Collect field data related to energy usage & do clients’ energy audits (via analysis of data or physical visits, as required)
    • Analyze their data for understanding their need in terms of energy saving measures required
    • Create energy audit report (in collaboration with the Energy Audit team) and share recommendations to create a comprehensive project proposal to get new customers
    • Setting realistic expectations with the client and create solutions which we can deliver basis what we are committing to them
      Creating financial modelling and responsible for the Project Management till signing up of the client and onboarding them
    • Creating the simulations and financial models to create the most value add solution
    • Doing cost & benefit analysis to check feasibility to run a project with each client
    • Track costs & savings throughout each project. Take corrective actions in case of things getting off-track
    • Ensuring completion of all the paperwork, documentation and signing of the contract with the clients
      To work with cross functional teams & multiple stakeholders
    • Work with the technical teams to build the customized solutions, like, performing appropriate and applicable tests with audit team to determine the extent of inefficiency; working with Automation & Analytics team for feasibility check of the project with each client; working with Central Design & Product Development team to build customized solution for the client
    • Work with Finance & Accounts team for client payment
    • Build strategies with leadership team for future plan of actions.

03 Skills & Qualifications

  • B.Tech/ B.E. in Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics
  • 5-7 years of experience of concept selling in energy efficiency industry in BD/Product development/Consulting domain
  • Experience in sustainability, clean/green/commercial building business model
  • Experience in HVAC, IOT based products
  • Knowledge of engineering, energy production, energy use, construction, maintenance, system operation, or process systems
  • Understanding of methods used for technical and cost savings analysis and reporting.
  • Understanding of energy conservation principles and techniques.