JoulePAYS For Heating Optimization

Facility Type




Start Date


Project Tenure

6 Years

67% energy efficiency delivered till October 2022, equivalent to INR 8.8 mn yearly cost savings

Design Interventions

  • Fuel switching from diesel to electric based hot water system
  • Move from centralized system servicing laundry, sterilization and domestic hot water uses to decentralized system servicing individual areas
  • Moving from external steam to integrated heating systems
  • Preheating boiler feed water for higher efficiencies

Equipment Interventions

  • New 250 kW heat pump for hot water and chilled water generation
  • 4 new washing machines and 3 new flat-bed press machines in the Laundry with in-built electric heaters
  • 3 new electric steamers for the sterilization department

Operations Interventions

  • Batch-wise monitoring of energy consumption
  • Optimization of cycle times for washing and sterilization to avoid wastage
  • Continuous monitoring of the heat pump and boilers on DeJoule
  • Automated controls of the heat pump and boiler set points for optimal performance
  • Optimizing running hours of the major equipment

Project Output

Elimination of Diesel (in million Liters)

Yearly cost savings of INR 8.8 mn