Comprehensive JoulePAYS

Facility Type




Start Date


Project Tenure

7 Years

25% energy efficiency delivered till October 2022, equivalent to INR 83 mn cost savings

Design Interventions

  • HVAC system overhauled from fixed to variable speed configuration
  • Conversion from unitary to centralized cooling for various areas
  • Optimization of cooling tower adjusting cooling tower fan blades angles
  • Separate freshwater line connection installed to resolve water quality issues
  • Optimization of the HVAC pumps with provision of distributed pumping
  • Condenser line painted to protect it from harsh weather conditions
  • Reflective paint on exposed surfaces to reduce overall cooling load

Equipment Interventions

  • New premium efficiency chillers
  • New low approach cooling towers
  • Smart energy meters and energy efficient LEDs
  • Variable speed drives for dynamic water flow controls
  • Several other installations - ATCS on water-cooled chillers, 2-way valves with actuators and thermostats, 102 energy-efficient BLDC ceiling fans

Operations Interventions

  • Extensive instrumentation & metering to continuously evaluate facility, system and equipment-level performance
  • Once per month to once per minute energy analysis
  • Manual to automated performance evaluation and reporting
  • DeJoule to analyze and control operations of the central air conditioning system

Project Output

Cooling efficiency improvement of 1kWh/TRH

Cost Saving of INR 83mn till date