FORTIS Hospital

Comprehensive JoulePAYS

Facility Type




Start Date


Project Tenure

6 Years

21% energy efficiency delivered till October 2022, equivalent to INR 58 mn cost savings

Design Interventions

  • VFD and VFD panel was installed for chilled water pump
  • Energy efficient kitchen exhaust blower was installed to replace the old blower
  • Insulation in plant room on chillers evaporator
  • Application of sun films on windows of AHU rooms
  • Heat insulation on exposed condenser pipes
  • Move from diesel based to electric hot water generation
  • Re-use of exhausted chilled air to reduce mechanical cooling load

Equipment Interventions

  • Commissioning of 430 TR Carrier make chiller
  • Highly energy efficient replacements done - Raw Water Pump, 1,651 LED lights, VFDs on cooling towers, primary chilled water, secondary chilled water & condenser water pumps of Armstrong, 200 KW capacity water-to-water heat pump
  • 2.4 kW Kirloskar pump was installed for Plate Heat Exchanger in hot water system
  • Overhaul and repair of the mixing water tank

Operations Interventions

  • Automation to prevent wasteful running of equipment - timers and temperature controllers, smart energy meters, thermostats
  • Installed DeJoule to control operations of the central air conditioning system
  • Optimum heat exchanger performance for hot water system
  • Remote monitoring of condenser water quality through TDS water meter

Project Output

Cooling efficiency improvement of 0.56 kWh/TRH

Cost savings of INR 58 mn till date