Comprehensive JoulePAYS

Facility Type




Start Date


Project Tenure

6 Years

22% energy efficiency delivered till October 2022, equivalent to INR 108 mn cost savings

Design Interventions

  • Redesign consolidating the cooling load from 3 to a single chiller plant room
  • Interconnection of block 3 air cooled chiller plant with water cooled chiller plant
  • Shifted load of dedicated air-cooled chillers for biomedical equipment to central plant
  • Transitioned from diesel to electric based hot water and steam systems
  • Move from fixed to dynamic air and water flow controls
  • Distributed tertiary pumping systems to optimize pressure delivery
  • Laundry dryer panel retrofit to solve existing design flaws

Equipment Interventions

  • Replacement of HVAC pumps to double efficiency
  • Low approach cooling tower
  • Optimum water quality maintenance to maintain low condenser inlet & approach
  • Several installation to increase efficiency – 2 condenser pumps, a heat pump, 4225 energy efficient LEDs, 350 BLDC fans, 3 electric boilers
  • Energy efficient kitchen burners, flood lights, laundry dryers
  • Hydromax for better efficiency of heat pump

Operations Interventions

  • Once per month to once per minute analysis of energy consumption
  • Deployment of the DeJoule suite of solutions
  • Integration of DeJoule to enhance capabilities of existing Honeywell BMS
  • Dynamic controls of critical equipment based on custom, evolving logic
  • Dynamic chilled water set point optimization based on changing load
  • Schedule based to data-based maintenance practices

Project Output

Cooling efficiency improvement of 0.45 kWh/TRH

Cost Saving of INR 108mn till date