JoulePAYS for Compressed Air Optimization

Facility Type

Industrial- Other



Start Date


Project Tenure

5 Years

19% energy efficiency delivered till October 2022, equivalent to INR 4 mn yearly cost savings

Design Interventions

  • Thorough compressed air system assessment to establish compressed air generation and utilization profiles
  • Segregation of high pressure and low-pressure operating equipment and timelines
  • Benchmarking individual equipment and overall system efficiency
  • Modification of existing pipelines to minimize losses during nonoperational times

Equipment Interventions

  • Old inefficient compressors replaced with 2 new compressors (110 kW VFD and 160 kW fixed speed)
  • New hoses for cleaning points and pneumatic tools
  • Zero loss auto drain valves for moisture control
  • Installation of air flow meters, pressure sensors, vibration sensors, energy meters, temperature and humidity sensors and other instrumentation

Operations Interventions

  • Continuous online monitoring of equipment and system level performance with DeJoule
  • Monthly compressed air leakage identification and reduction (230+ leaks arrested)
  • Automated compressor operations with dynamic staging to optimize loading and unloading percentages
  • Dynamic pressure set point optimization with changing uses
  • Data-driven maintenance to optimize compressor efficiency

Project Output

Efficiency improvement in kWh/ton

Yearly cost savings of INR 4 mn