01 Summary:

Smart Joules’ Central Design Engineer is responsible for leading the Central Design team to identify, assess, select and formulate ECMs that can deliver min 20-25% savings at each JoulePAYS client site. The work includes maintaining an ECM Book for each site, designing ECM Notes, Design Qualifications, Techno-Commercial comparisons and Monthly Savings Projections for each selected ECM, and continuously identifying, assessing and innovating new ways of saving energy.

02 Qualifications:

  • Passes JouleFit (Core Values assessment).
  • 10+ years of experience covering a mix of energy auditing, project design, energy management, project planning and project execution.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in Mechanical Engineering / Energy Engineering / Electrical Engineering.
  • Extremely strong in mass balance and energy balance.
  • BEE Certified Energy Auditor/ Energy Manager.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with design and execution of central air conditioning systems, including working experience with building energy management systems.
  • Strong computer skills (Web Search, Email, Word, Excel, Power Point). Knowledge of energy modeling software would be an advantage.
  • Communication: Must speak English and Hindi. Must be able to make effective presentations to a variety of audience.
  • Knowledgeable about products, services, companies and people eliminating energy waste in India.
  • Knowledgeable about leading quality standards (ISO, ISHRAE, BEE) and certifications (LEED, NABH).

03 KRAs:

  • Innovation: To identify, assess and innovate new ways of saving energy, or of increasing efficiency in delivery (cost, time, manpower, etc.) of existing Smart Joules ECMs.
    • Relationship Management:
    • Support the Business Development team in assessing new opportunities
    • Guide the work of Field Engineering team to complete data collection for analysis of ECMs.
    • Deliver a comprehensive design with complete documentation to Project Execution team to maximize energy savings / rupee invested. Lead final vendor negotiations, involving Project Execution, Procurement and Top Management as necessary. Coordinate for approval of ECM Notes and for post-implementation savings verification of ECMs.
    • hare timely and comprehensive information with BMS Design and Commissioning team to allow for configuration of all sites on DeJoule.
    • Collaborate with Analytics & Automation and Operations teams to help maximize operational savings, and assess ECM performance against Monthly Savings Projections.
    • Share knowledge, documentation and contacts with Central Services and Operations teams as needed.
    • Providing meaningful opportunities for members from all SJPL teams to interact with the design team for empathy building and collective learning.
    • Vendors and Subcontractors: Maintaining good relationships with high quality, reliable and cost-effective vendors and contractors with adequate redundancy.
    • Clients: Maintain good relationship with the client team/representative.
      Energy Audit:
    • Provide strategic and tactical direction, methods, formats and training to Field Engineering team to collect the required data to analyze all ECMs as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.
    • Centrally maintain all energy auditing data in standard formats.
    • Centrally manage procurement, distribution, smooth handling, calibration and maintenance of auditing tools/measuring instruments required by Smart Joules.
      ECM Design:
    • Develop and maintain an ECM Book for each client site summarizing the techno-commercial potential and go/no-go decision with respect to each of Smart Joules’ standard ECMs based on collected data, as well as new ECMs based on particular site observations.
    • Finalize ECMs delivering minimum 20% energy savings and maximum 20- month SJPL payback period for every site, including preparation of techno- commercial comparison for major selected equipment (i.e. Chiller, HVAC Pumps, Cooling Towers, 2-way valves, VFDs etc.), vendor negotiations, etc.
    • Prepare ECM Notes, Design Qualifications and Monthly Saving Projections for each of the finalized ECMs.
    • JouleWEEK: Prepare and share a comprehensive weekly report of the Central Design team with all SJPL team mates.
    • Own the following: Energy Audit Data, ECM Book, ECM Notes, Design Qualifications, Monthly Savings Projections.
    • Regularly document and share best practices and success stories from all sites with all teams in Smart Joules.
    • Keep the Central Documentation folder updated site-wise with all relevant information.
    • Discuss and review design intent logic with the BMS Design and Commissioning Team to finalize the scope of DeJoule deployment for all sites.
    • Share ECM Notes, Design Qualifications, Monthly Savings Projections and equipment technical data sheet with BMS Design and Commissioning Team to allow for comprehensive and timely configuration of DeJoule.
    • Work closely with Analytics & Automation team to develop new Joule Recipes for continuous energy optimization.
    • Contribute towards improving the company’s culture and policies, and to overall company planning in line with our Mission and Vision.
    • Making monthly and weekly work plans for all members of the Central Design team, and managing their day-to-day work activities.
    • Coordinate with the HR department for recruitment, induction, training, performance assessment and celebration of Smart Joules team members, as needed.
    • Represent Smart Joules at various industry events