01 Summary:

Smart Joules’ Field Engineer is responsible to support Central Design, Project Execution, BMS and Operations teams as needed to execute site works such as data collection, meter and sensor installation, equipment installation and maintenance activities.

02 Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Innovation: Imaging, piloting and spreading new ways to save energy, serve our clients, and spread awareness in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.
    • Relationship Management:
    • Execute energy auditing activities as per formats and methods given by Central Design team, and help with constant improvement of these formats and methods.
    • Assist BMS Design and Commissioning team and Technical Support team with data collection, planning, execution and commissioning, and troubleshooting works related to DeJoule.
    • Assist Operations team with troubleshooting, operations, maintenance and other activities as needed.
    • Client: Maintain good relationship with the client team/client representative.
      Energy Audit
    • Responsible for carrying out detailed energy audit for both HVAC high side equipment and HVAC low side equipment at client’s site.
    • Responsible for collecting data regarding non-LED Lights, Wall Fans, Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fans, Standalone AC system, Geysers and other small power consuming assets for each new site.
    • Responsible for improving /maintaining power factor of unity at client site from the first phase of the project.
    • Responsible for collecting accurate information for high power consuming assets in the facility.
    • Responsible for installation of smart energy meters and filed sensors during the first phase of the project, and verifying readings against observed values.
    • Ensuring correctness/accuracy of the audit data collected from site.
    • Responsible for coordinating with BMS Design and Commissioning Team during initial audit phase for collecting all necessary data as required by BMS Design & Commissioning Team for their design planning.
    • Noting down audit data information on the notebook/register to keep the record of data collected during audit phase.
    • Ensuring timely, accurate and regular sharing of comprehensive information with other SJPL teams to optimize overall company workflow.
    • Installing sensors and energy meters during the first phase of the project.
    • As and when required help BMS design and commissioning team in DeJoule Deployment activities.

03 Qualification

  • 3+ years of experience covering a mix of energy audit, project execution, maintenance of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Diploma/ITI/Bachelor Degree in Mechanical /Electrical/Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
  • Experience with handling of energy auditing tools.
  • Strong knowledge of electrical control system, installation of smart energy meters, APFC panel and power termination.
  • Should know how to prepare single line diagram of electrical system. Should have knowledge of lighting fixtures.
  • Communication: Must speak English, Hindi or respective area language.