01 Summary:

To solve any technical issue, problems on performance, efficiency, and emergency response on the issue of DeJoule, our in-house Building Energy management platform. These issues are often related to software or hardware, so it’s essential that reliability engineers have a solid grasp of such systems.

02 Overall Responsibilities:

  • Require active contribution in improvement in reliability of our system.
  • Training and coaching people in using DeJoule, as designed by the Product Development Team.
  • Stay on top of all the technical and assistance queries raised by the Product Deployment Team, Site Engineers, Energy Analysts, and customers.
  • Clearly communicate the requirements and issues to the Product Development Team and explain the solutions for every issue raised.
  • Scrum Management includes supporting in retrospectives, managing sprint reports, helping in sprint planning, managing invites for sprint review, and planning with the Product Manager of the Product Development team.
  • Responsible for testing and reporting new features, bugs etc.
  • Responsible for Quality for any new service release, meaning you will test (end to end and Unit test) features in the staging environment before putting it into production and generating test results.

03 Qualifications and Skills:

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in any one of CSE, IT, Electronics, and Communication Engineering.
  • Experience: 3+ years of working experience in a core Product development company.
  • Technical Knowledge: C, Python, JavaScript; SQL, NoSQL; Databases like DynamoDB
  • You must be a good teacher and learner with good speaking as well as writing skills.
  • You must be a fun person, who everyone wants to be friends with and looks forward to hanging out with outside of work hours.
  • You must have leadership quality, excellent organizational skills, patience, a logical mind, enthusiasm for continual improvement and learning, and active listening.
  • You must have a willingness to sometimes work unsociable hours.
  • Ability to establish good relationships with the clients.