01 Summary:

Project Engineer is responsible for leading & demonstrating Smart Joules’ Mission, Vision, Core Values and in adherence with all company policies. He will perform and coordinate different project execution activities as and when directed by Project Manager. He shall share accurate, timely and comprehensive information, and ensure complete cooperation with other teams in Smart Joules to optimize overall workflow.

02 KRAs/Responsibilities:

  • Innovation: Imaging, piloting and spreading new ways to save energy, serve our clients, manage our team and spread awareness in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.
    • Relationship Management:
    • Clients: Coordinating with the client’s representatives to facilitate support during project execution works for system installation and BMS deployment
    • Holding regular meetings with customer representatives along with site-PM and understanding if Client is facing any problems or have any suggestions for improvement.
    • Service partners and Subcontractors: Maintaining good relationships with high quality, reliable and cost-effective service partners and contractors to ensure smooth functioning of works at site.
      Budgeting & Project Cost Management:
    • Support in creating BOQs & taking quotations for site execution works from multiple contractors, which fit within the SJPL’s execution standards criteria.
    • Coordinating with the Procurement team for evaluation of service partners which are involved in or proposed for project execution at the site.
    • Executing all tasks related to site execution as instructed by the PM of their respective site/region to achieve target completion timelines
    • Service partner and subcontractor coordination for site related activities
    • Taking necessary steps for achieving weekly and monthly completion targets for all ECMs and taking course corrective actions wherever necessary to avoid delays
    • To execute projects with the objective of handing over ECM-Wise Snag-Free Projects to Operations Team
    • Recording all site-related expenses including ad-hoc cash expenses, as and when incurred.
    • Ensuring proper branding is maintained and all spaces around Smart Joules’ equipment are neat and tidy
      Project Handover:
    • Support in validating savings for each of the ECMs post commissioning using audit instruments, and based on methodology defined by Central Design team
    • Preparing and sharing necessary documents, as instructed, to your respective PMs for compiling a detailed project handover report to Operations team.
    • Ensuring timely, accurate and regular sharing of comprehensive information for their site with SJPL team members, to optimize overall company workflow.
    • Support in preparing accurate weekly/monthly Reports to explain activities carried out by Smart Joules to clients and to help them appreciate our work.
    • Regularly updating and sharing the project execution progress or any other associated information as per the desired formats & protocols
    • Regularly documenting and sharing best practices and success stories from your site with RPMs, Energy Managers and other teams in Smart Joules.
    • Ensuring all necessary support to BMS design & commissioning team for deployment of DeJoule at the site in parallel with new equipment installation, with intention of getting DeJoule ready for each major equipment (chillers, pumps etc.) before its commissioning
    • Coordinating with Client’s Engineering staff for facilitating necessary shutdowns to support DeJoule deployment at site
    • Contributions to improving the company’s culture and policies, and to overall company planning in line with our Mission and Vision.
    • Helping with induction programs of other team members in Smart Joules
    • Constantly learning and upskilling themselves to eventually lead project activities at sites, from start to end independently
    • Training: Help in delivering training sessions to Client’s Operations and Maintenance staff on energy saving and maintenance practices, including DeJoule use.

03 Qualification

  • 2-3 years of experience covering a mix of project execution (preferably in HVAC and electrical utilities) experience, Service partner management & handling site execution.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Should have handled execution of 2-3 HVAC projects as project engineer or site engineer.
  • Knowledge and experience with service partner management & manpower management at site, for getting the works executed within timelines.
  • Knowledge and experience with site engineering related concepts such as water piping, valves, pumping systems, electrical supply systems etc.
  • Strong computer skills (Web Search, Email, Word, Excel, Power Point).
  • Communication: Must speak English and Hindi, and the local language spoken in their region. Must be able to make effective presentations to a variety of audiences.
  • Knowledge of mass balance and heat balance, and other energy calculations.
  • Knowledgeable about products, services, companies and people involved in HVAC high side system supply & installations.
  • Knowledgeable about leading quality standards (ISO, ISHRAE, BEE) and certifications (LEED, NABH).