01 Job Summary:

Smart Joules’ Regional Project Manager is responsible for delivering on Smart Joules’ project execution & completion targets through overall management, supervision, commissioning & handover of all projects activities across all client sites in their region – North & West (NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat), or South (Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) or East (Telangana, Andhra, West Bengal, Odisha)

Regional Project Manager (RPM) is responsible for leading the Project team members deployed in their respective regions in line with Smart Joules’ Mission, Vision, Core Values and in adherence with all company policies. RPM will manage and maintain delightful relationship with the clients (across their engineering & admin team) for the ongoing sites in that region. He will share accurate, timely and comprehensive information, and ensure complete cooperation with other teams in Smart Joules to optimize overall workflow.

02 KRAs/

  • Innovation: Imaging, piloting and spreading new ways to save energy, serve our clients, manage our team and spread awareness in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.
    • Relationship Management:
    • Clients: Periodic telephone / video discussions as well as regular F2F meetings with customer representatives to communicate progress and take their feedback on further improvement opportunities.
    • Keeping client’s engineering & administration team updated and satisfied, and ensuring adherence to clients’ contractual commitments.
    • Client introductions and post completion hand-holding of Operations team (for 1-2 months) to ensure smooth client handover to Operations.
    • Service partners and Subcontractors: Maintaining good relationships with high quality, reliable and cost-effective service partners and contractors with adequate redundancy to ensure smooth functioning of works at the site.
      Budgeting & Project Cost Management:
    • Creating budgets for project execution for the new sites, with necessary supporting documentations for further discussions & approval from reporting manager as well as top management.
    • Ensuring that the service partners deliver excellent quality of materials & workmanship inline with the SJPL’s execution standards, and within the defined costs & budgets.
    • Coordinating with the Procurement team for evaluation and induction of high- quality service partners for project execution in their regions.
    • Helping the reporting manager in preparing overall, monthly and weekly project milestones, for approved ECMs (energy conservation measures) at sites in the respective region.
    • Reviewing weekly and monthly completion targets for all sites; and helping Site Project Managers to deliver projects before the target deadlines.
    • Ensuring planning of all associated activities for ongoing projects and to ensure our Project Managers are performing as intended, and with the intention of delivering savings as early as possible.
    • To Handover ECM-Wise Snag-Free Projects to Operations Team.
      Project Handover:
    • Planning & ensuring validation of savings for each of the ECMs post commissioning (as per methodology defined by Central Design team), and reviewing ECM wise savings validation report (which is part of project handover folder).
    • Preparing and sharing a project handover folder to Operations team for each site, with all necessary documentations on each of the ECM, for seamless transfer of knowledge at all sites.
    • Preparing ECM Closure Reports (which is part of project handover folder) in the desired formats and getting it approved from the reporting manager; for further sharing separately with internal and external stakeholders (Techno- commercial report with Operations team and Technical report with Clients/DeJoule).
    • JouleWEEK: Preparing and sharing inputs to compile a comprehensive weekly report, which will be further shared with all SJPL team mates.
    • Ensuring timely, accurate and regular sharing of comprehensive information with other SJPL teams to optimize overall company workflow.
    • Ensuring that Project Managers submit accurate weekly Reports to clients on a timely basis, and explain activities carried out by Smart Joules to clients to help them appreciate our work.
    • Regularly creating and sharing the weekly internal report on deviations in project progress against the schedule (based on weekly project progress report submitted by site Project Managers).
    • Ensuring adherence by all project execution team members in their region to Smart Joules’ documentation standards, including but not limited to PRs, invoices, quantity measurement sheets, work completion reports, commissioning reports, completion & handover documents for Operations team, savings revalidation report, etc.
    • Regularly documenting and sharing best practices and success stories from all sites with other Regional Operations Managers, Energy Managers and teams in Smart Joules.
    • Ensuring all necessary support to BMS design & commissioning team for the deployment of DeJoule at the site in parallel with new equipment installation, with intention of getting DeJoule ready for each major equipment (chillers, pumps etc.) before its commissioning.
    • Planning and facilitating necessary shutdowns at site as per the pre-defined plan (in coordination with the client), to support DeJoule deployment team members in timely completion of BMS commissioning at sites
    • Contributions to improving the company’s culture and policies, and to overall company planning in line with our Mission and Vision.
    • Reviewing monthly and weekly plans for all project execution related activities, and managing overall work of all project managers in their region.
    • Helping with induction programs of other team members in Smart Joules, as needed.
    • Planning of induction program for the new joiners in project execution team for their respective regions.
    • Constantly grooming & training ‘Project Engineer or Associate Engineer- Project’ deployed at sites in their regions, and tracking learning and skill levels to ensure continuous improvement and learning.

03 Qualifications:

  • Passes JouleFit (Core Values assessment)
  • Around 6 years of experience covering a mix of energy audits, HVAC SITC (supply, installation, testing & commissioning), Project cost management, Project documentation, client handling & client relationship management./li>
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in Mechanical Engineering
  • Strong knowledge and experience in Operations and maintenance of central air conditioning systems
  • Knowledge and experience with BOQ measurement & manpower cost evaluation, as well as ensuring quality in Project execution as per industrial standards
  • Knowledge and experience with Project documentation from start to finish in HVAC projects (including PRs, invoices, quantity measurement sheets, commissioning reports, completion & handover docs for Operations team, as well as savings validation report)
  • Strong computer skills (Web Search, Email, Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Communication: Must speak English and Hindi, and the local language spoken in their region. Must be able to make effective presentations to a variety of audiences.
  • Expert at mass balance and heat balance, and other energy calculations.
  • Knowledgeable about products, services, companies and people eliminating energy waste in India.
  • Knowledgeable about leading quality standards (ISO, ISHRAE, BEE) and certifications (LEED, NABH).