01 Summary:

Our Mission: To eliminate energy waste.

Our Vision: To prevent 29 million tons of CO2eq emissions before 2030 by making energy saving simple, substantial and profitable for large buildings and factories.

Our Core Values: Empower Each Team Member with a Sense of Ownership, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Get Shit Done, Maintain a High Level of Transparency and Honesty, Be Passionate, Determined and Bold, Pursue Growth and Learning, Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-minded. Details here

02 Our Business Offerings: :

JouleCOOL: Comprehensive on-site utility business model applicable to new facilities, where Smart Joules offers cooling “as a service” by designing, building, owning, operating and maintaining the entire cooling infrastructure in return for monthly payments based on demand and usage.

JoulePAYS (Pay as you save): Guaranteed savings on utility energy consumption for large existing facilities through design, execution and management of profitable energy conservation measures. Smart Joules invests in all the upgrades and charges clients a share of the savings under long term contracts.

JouleONE: Data-driven power quality optimization solutions for commercial and industrial customers in partnership with large electric utility companies.

DeJoule: IOT automation technology enabling data-driven continuous performance optimization and client delight. It continuously identifies and corrects for hidden inefficiencies in dynamic energy systems such as air conditioning and compressed air. It 1) collects data in real time from sensors and other many sources, 2) analyses real time and historical data using heuristic and machine learning algorithms to find hidden energy inefficiencies and optimum set points, and 3) continuously adjusts (controls) set points of various equipment to minimize energy use.

03 Role Vision and Responsibilities:

You will lead Smart Joules’ team of Energy Managers located at our project sites throughout India to ensure continuous optimization of energy consumption and top-class maintenance of physical assets, while delivering a delightful customer experience

  • Maintenance: Ensure adherence to Smart Joules’ Standard Operating, Maintenance and Branding Protocols across all sites. Periodically review and improve these procedures in coordination with energy managers, site energy engineers and Smart Joules’ COO. Manage warranties, AMCs, spares and inventories for each of our equipment at each site. Coordinate with vendors and service providers for repairs, replacements, etc. needed on sites.
  • Client Relations: Call each client at-least once per month as a regular practice to ensure Smart Joules discovers all client needs and desires and gives a timely and appropriate response.
  • Invoicing: Ensure site energy engineers keep track of all additions, subtractions and other changes at our client sites that impact energy consumption patterns. Deliver all necessary information every month (energy bills and consumption details, Adjustments notes, photos, work details, etc.) in a timely manner to Smart Joules’ finance department and submits hard copies to clients on time without fail.
  • Track and Increasing Energy Savings: Ensure detailed daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of energy consumption at client sites with the goal of having a pulse of each building’s energy consumption patterns and key causes of fluctuations.
  • Conduct quarterly sustainability surveys to verify performance of executed energy efficiency measures and to imagine, design and implement new energy saving measures at existing client locations to increase Smart Joules’ earnings per location.
  • Reporting: Ensure high quality reporting from the maintenance department, including daily energy savings report, weekly maintenance and savings reports and monthly reports to be shared with clients and for internal discussion and analysis purposes.
  • DeJoule™: Ensure proper utilization of DeJoule (BMS System) from site energy engineers, including maintenance mode features so that all maintenance information is up-to-date on the system. Collaborate with DeJoule Use Team as necessary in the efficient operation of our HVAC assets at our client sites.

04 The Right Candidate Has:

  • Hunger to make a positive contribution to the planet
  • Courage to roll with the punches and keep going at it
  • Optimism rubbing off on others in the organization
  • Pays major attention to minor details
  • Tenacity, reliability, perseverance, pursuit of quality
  • Customer Orientation to build meaningful relationship with key customer stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement mindset to keep looking for operational efficiencies and new technology
  • Analytical thinking
  • Can do attitude– get shit done and ensure deliverables within timelines and required quality.

05 Qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum 12 years of overall experience, which should include maintenance of commercial buildings. Additionally, experience with design and execution of central air conditioning projects will place the candidate at a significant advantage
  • Minimum 4-5 years of experience as a maintenance or service lead, simultaneously managing facilities (preferably hospital or hotel buildings)
  • In-depth theoretical and hands-on knowledge of mechanical and electrical building systems, especially central air conditioning, hot water and steam systems.
  • Experience with energy monitoring and control systems, with a good understanding of typical instrumentation in buildings (sensors, meters, controllers, networking, etc.).

06 About Smart Joules:

      Our Impact:
    • 35% reduction on total energy consumption across all our clients till date, equivalent to the annual consmption of more than 6 Lakh avg. Indian households.
    • 86,000 metric tons of annual CO2-eq. emissions reduction from existing projects
    • Saved more than INR 103 Crore worth of energy for our clients
  • Teams: 125+ people across Product Development, Design, Projects, Operations & Maintenance, Analytics, Automation lead by an MIT + UC Berkeley Alum, a Navy Veteran, a financial whizard, a product leader and people’s champion
  • Clients: Apollo, Fortis, CARE, KIMS, Aster, Amneal, LMW other leading companies
  • Geographical Presence: 25+ cities throughout India & 1 international partnership in Indonesia
  • Financial Supporters: Asian Development Bank, TATA Capital, Sangam Ventures, Max Industries, Intelleventures, Mr. Saket Burman (Dabur Family), Mr. Nadir Godrej and 5 angel investors
  • Major Recognitions: Champion of Change recognition from the Prime Minister’s Office & Niti Aayog, 10+ National Awards from Ministry of Power & CII, International Award from German Energy Ministry, Multiple international grants and fellowships, 35+ media coverages
  • Reference Materials: Business India Article, CNBC video, NDTV video, TechForGood video, DeJoule IOT video