01 Summary:

Every Smart Joules site has a Site Energy Engineer, who is responsible for eliminating energy waste through execution of all of Smart Joules’ operations and maintenance related activities at site, including collecting site related information and sharing it with the Energy Manager. They are also responsible for maintaining good relations with the engineering and maintenance staff at our client sites at all levels. Site Energy Engineers are assisted by Site Electricians on large sites, as needed.

02 Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Innovation: Imaging, piloting and spreading new ways to save energy and serve our clients in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.
    • Relationship Management:
    • Clients: Keeping client engineering and maintenance teams informed about Smart Joules’ energy saving measures, to build our brand value.
    • Vendors and Subcontractors: Coordinating with vendors and contractors on site as needed to execute works.
    • Collecting energy bills, accurate adjustment readings, and other information necessary for preparation of monthly reports, and sharing with Energy Managers on a timely basis.
    • Submitting hard copies of Smart Joules’ invoices to the right people immediately when received.
    • Keeping track of billing related queries and communicating progress related to billing on a real time basis to Energy Managers.
    • Conducting daily rounds of the facility and maintaining a daily physical and electronic log of critical readings such as energy meter readings, temperature and humidity levels, key equipment running hours, water quality parameters, complaints and resolutions, etc., and submitting daily report via email.
    • Working closely with client engineering and maintenance teams to drive adoption of efficient operational practices as discussed with Smart Joules’ Energy Manager.
    • Troubleshooting activities related to Smart Joules-owned equipment at the site, including chillers, pumps, drives, motors, lights, fans and building management system.
    • Helping Energy Managers to conduct periodic audits at our client sites to ensure our ECMs are performing as intended, and with the intention of discovering additional ECMs.
    • Executing all maintenance related works in coordination with Energy Managers, contractors, vendors and clients.
    • Manage warranties, AMCs, spares and inventories for each of our equipment at your site and coordinating with Energy Manager in case of any requirements.
    • Managing and recording all site-related expenses, including maintenance and repairs.
    • Collecting readings and updating the same periodically in physical and electronic registers.
    • Preparing all site documentation as per Smart Joules’ standards.
    • Regularly documenting success stories from the site with respect to operations and maintenance.
    • Executing troubleshooting and regular maintenance activities to ensure optimal and snag-free DeJoule performance on site.
    • Using DeJoule consistently and comprehensively to drive savings.
    • Helping with execution of onboarding and training programs for clients.

03 Qualification

  • 2-4 years of experience in operations and maintenance in commercial buildings;
  • Diploma or Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering;
  • Some experience with operations and maintenance of central air conditioning systems;
  • Capable of making basic energy calculations;
  • Basic computer skills (Web Search, Email, Word, Excel, Power Point) including document preparation;
  • Communication: Must speak English or Hindi (preferably both) and the local language spoken at their site location.