01 Summary:

Smart Joules’ product DeJoule is an IoT based Building Energy Management System. It has the potential to save more than 5,000 Crores worth of energy annually by optimizing energy use in central air conditioning systems, and much more by extending in future to hot water and steam systems.

Smart Joules is inviting people who have the knack for building intelligent and secure IoT systems, capable to scale and add value to the organization through energy savings. Improving the existing system while considering the aspects of good software design is expected. An attitude to look beyond the work and be a problem solver is desired.

02 What are we looking for?

  • Experience of min 2 years of working on IoT technologies and embedded systems required.
  • IoT Network Protocols (MQTT, HTTPS, Sockets, Websockets)
  • Python
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux
  • Shell scripting
  • Prior experience on working with hardware platforms i.e. SBCs:Raspberry Pi/Beagle bone/Google Coral.

03 Recommended

  • Experience with IoT Cloud services like AWS IoT/Google IoT
  • C++
  • Unit testing frameworks(Pytest, Google test).
  • Prior experience of working with Microcontrollers i.e STM32/ESP32
  • Low-level communication Protocols.

04 What will you do?

  • Analyze and improve reliability and scalability of existing software and IoT architecture.
  • Design software components using UML and sequence diagrams, and document service specifications.
  • Designing and Developing IoT software services as per business requirements.
  • Rigorous testing of services, modules, and systems to ensure reliability.
  • Maintenance of the existing system by analyzing and solving critical bugs.
  • Continuous improvement by software refactoring, optimizations, and bench-marking of software services and hardware controllers.
  • Unit Testing, code documentation, system architecture documentation.
  • Working closely with other developers from teams like Backend, Embedded Systems,
  • Frontend and UX designers, business, and systems analysts.