Pay-as-you-save solution
for retrofitting existing buildings & factories

Simple to Adopt

Savings sharing based business model with integrated design, delivery and management to make energy saving simple to adopt

Zero Investment

Zero investment from client on upgrading technology and renewing useful equipment lifetimes, breaking capex allocation cycles

Substantial & Guaranteed Profits

Commitment of handsome savings leading to direct profitability enhancement for clients to completely de-risk energy efficiency decision making

Ongoing Multidimensional Value Creation

Unlock higher efficiencies with algorithmic operations and data-driven maintenance, and ensure superior quality and reliability with deep visibility and automated alerting

Typical Contract Term:
7-10 years

Quick facility assessments to evaluate potential energy savings from a pre-curated menu of options

Implementation of finalized energy conservation measures and technology upgrades over nine months to deliver high energy efficiency levels

Agreement sign-off aligning the interest of both parties towards long-term economic and environmental sustainability

Value engineering, automation and active oversight of operations and maintenance to sustain highly energy efficient performance & client delight